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  • Volunteer Highlight: Learning & Opportunity Center

    Volunteer Highlight: Learning & Opportunity Center

    Volunteers have made it possible to expand and develop Jubilee’s class offerings and heighten the level of classes that our Learning & Opportunity Center provides. Jubilee’s Education Team, Dani and …Read More
  • Check Out Our Video!

    Check Out Our Video!

    Looking for a quick overview of Jubilee or an easy way to share what Jubilee is all about? Check out our brief overview video, then pass it along to your …Read More
  • “Alexa, Find Jubilee’s Wish List”

    “Alexa, Find Jubilee’s Wish List”

    Jubilee now has a wish list on Amazon! To find our list, go to https://tinyurl.com/amazon-jwc or go to your Amazon account, open Account & Lists, then Find a List or …Read More

Equal opportunity is available for all low-income adult women without respect to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, citizenship, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation or any other bias protected by federal, state or local law.