A message from the Board of Directors

Jubilee by the Numbers

Here are the outcomes and demographics for Jubilee Women’s Center during our latest fiscal year (July 1, 2017 through June 30,  2018).


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4 Reasons to Join Our Monthly Impact Circle

Show your ongoing commitment to helping women move past homelessness with a monthly contribution to Jubilee Women’s Center. Here’s why it’s a good move…

1. It’s efficient. Recurring funds put gifts to work faster and take up less time on fundraising.

2. It’s convenient. Set up a recurring donation online for an automatic monthly transaction.

3. It’s easy. …

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Moto Women Run Full Throttle for JWC

Jubilee is fortunate to have some of the most wonderful volunteers around (no bias here). During our last fiscal year, 531 volunteers gave 11,362 hours to help Jubilee women. For some, volunteering is a personal gift of time or talent. For others, it is an opportunity to come together with a like-minded community to give …

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