Julie Has Hope for Her Future

Before coming to Jubilee, Julie experienced a lifetime of mental and physical abuse, and for many years she struggled with physical health issues, mental health issues, and drug addiction. This led to multiple instances of going to rehab, relapsing, living in her car, and even some time in prison. Throughout this time, Julie tried multiple times to change her life. … Read More

Vonnie’s Story

I lived in Bellevue for the past 20 years and over that time worked for a couple of public accounting firms. There came a point when I wanted to try something new with less stress. I was offered a job at a toy store in a mall near my home. After about 6 months,…

Tara’s Story

I had planned to retire and was going to be done in February 2018. I’d downsized and moved into a small studio three years ago in preparation. Everything was moving toward that goal when a family member had an accident. I had to liquidate a significant amount of my savings to pay the medical…

Trisha’s Story

As a survivor of domestic violence and stalking, I arrived at Jubilee exhausted and traumatized. Through the nurturing care of the Jubilee staff, I have had an opportunity to slowly heal and take the time to reassemble a life left in tatters. The ongoing stress that is a prominent feature of domestic violence and certainly of stalking, finally took its … Read More

Not Ready for Retirement: Cherryl

I don’t know where to start, so being me I will just take the direct express route. When I arrived at JWC I was a basket case. I spent the first few weeks curled up on my bed in the fetal position when I wasn’t staring blankly at the wall. I felt useless, old,…

Tessa’s Story

Tessa arrived at Jubilee in April 2017, worn down by years of depression that cost her job, several months in an emergency shelter, and a new diagnosis of bipolar disorder. She had begun the challenging work of putting her life back together as a transgender woman, but was still grappling with mental health issues…

I Always Have Hope: Tara

I had planned to retire and was
going to be done in February 2018.
I’d downsized and moved into a
small studio three years…

Not Ready for Retirement: Jacy

I landed at Jubilee on July 17, 2017,
after a 3 ½ year drug-related prison
sentence. I had opted into work
release and culinary school…

Melanie’s Story

I was born in a hippie commune in California, then we moved to a farm in rural Washington where my parents converted me to Christianity. I was a friend, sister, aunt, concerned citizen, voter, neighbor, and single mom. Mental illness struck me in my early 30s. I had always been bipolar but then became psychotic. People thought I was on … Read More