Karol’s Story

I never thought I would be homeless – yet circumstances set in motion a downward spiral that seemed to have a life of it’s own. The closer I got to the street the more frightened I became. I remember feeling absolutely exhausted. Fracture was another word that came to mind.

My apartment had become environmentally toxic …

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Janine’s Story

I grew up in a middle class home in California. I attended college and worked as a tax manager with my own business. I was happy and had a sense of community. I never thought that I would end up homeless.

When I met my husband, he was kind and very attentive, but three years into the …

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Residents Reflect: What Jubilee Means to Them

At Jubilee I…

Feel safe
Finally have time to heal
Am learning boundaries
Have made friends with women who share similar experiences and an understand what I am going through
Have a chance to step back, reflect and choose my direction
Feel a sense of relief
Have privacy in my own room


What makes Jubilee’s program successful…

One-on-one coaching from my care manager
Classes that help …

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