Honor the Extraordinary Women in Your Life

Poem called "She Is" about women
This poem (written by a volunteer!) beautifully captures the extraordinary women of Jubilee. It speaks to who they are and who they can become with the strength and generosity of those around them.

We often hear stories from Jubilee clients about inspirational women who played a significant part in their lives. These women were lights in their darkness, role models, and lifelines—encouraging them to hang on and be their best selves:

Download a copy of this poem and share it with a special woman in your life!

• “Nana was always smiling, always there for me. She told me I was strong and that she loved me forever. She wasn’t just my grandma, she was my friend and mentor.”
• “My kind and gentle 8th grade teacher took me under her wing when I was teased and bullied. Her advice to me was, ‘Beauty is as beauty does.’”
• “My daughter helped me by holding up a mirror for me to see the person I had become as a result of addiction. It’s almost five years later, and I am forever grateful.”
• “My care manager at Jubilee has helped me see that my life still has meaning despite my disabilities. She has influenced me physically, mentally, and spiritually.”
• “I was once a strong woman, but after a terrible experience, felt weak and defeated. My sister allowed me to feel safe. Without her nurturing love, I’d still be lost.”
• “I am still close to the woman who cared for me as a child. She is strong and wise. When my mother got sick, when I became homeless, she was the person I talked to.”

When I reflect on the inspirational women in my life, I think of my mother who was raised in foster care, yet grew up to create a stable family home of her own; my sister, who showed me the lighter side of life and the joys of motherhood; and my daughter who has grown into a loving young woman confidently forging her own path. In fact, everywhere I look around me, at Jubilee and beyond, I see the extraordinary impact of strong women and how they can move others to a place of strength by loving and believing in them unconditionally.

I invite you to reflect on the extraordinary women in your life, and consider making a donation to Jubilee in appreciation of all they have shared with you.

You may make a donation online here. If you wish to give in honor of someone special, we’ll send a card letting them know a gift has been made in their name. Contact with the name of the honoree, their mailing address, and how you would like your name to appear as the gift-giver.

With gratitude for all you do to strengthen the women of Jubilee,

Cheryl Sesnon
Executive Director