Moto Women Run Full Throttle for JWC

Jubilee is fortunate to have some of the most wonderful volunteers around (no bias here). During our last fiscal year, 531 volunteers gave 11,362 hours to help Jubilee women. For some, volunteering is a personal gift of time or talent. For others, it is an opportunity to come together with a like-minded community to give …

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By Joe Krukowski, President, Jubilee Board of Directors

I was first introduced to Jubilee at the fall fundraiser in 2005. The speaker that year was a woman I worked with, who I saw almost daily. She got up and told her story, and it blew me away. I had no idea what she had been through.

She …

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Matched Savings Makes Final Step to Housing More Accessible

For many trying to move past homelessness, it can be a struggle, even with a job, to save enough for the first and last months’ rent required up-front for housing.

With the high cost of rent in the Seattle area, we are talking about thousands of dollars that stand between the woman who has worked …

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A Different Lens: Getting Past the Stereotypes of Homelessness

By Olivia Long, Jubilee Volunteer

When you imagine an individual who is homeless, what’s the first image that crosses your mind? Before volunteering for Jubilee Women’s Center, my unfortunate and admittedly ignorant imagery sometimes consisted of an individual on the streets, often sleeping in doorways for shelter and doing anything possible to get food in …

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Monthly Gifts Have Benefits

Did you know that you can make monthly donations to Jubilee rather than one lump sum? Spreading your giving over several months or years is a great way to show your ongoing commitment to helping women move past homelessness.

Benefits of a recurring gift

Monthly giving is efficient. Monthly giving sustains our mission by creating predictable funding …

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