Lives Transformed & Dreams Come True

Each woman who comes to Jubilee brings her unique background and dreams. We welcome her where she is, help her see the possibilities, and walk with her on the journey until she can do it on her own. The path is paved with her aspirations. For some it’s a lifelong dream and for others, new goals synthesized at Jubilee. Either way, it’s an investment with long-term returns. Meet two of these Jubilee women…

Isatou Jallow – Attorney

Isa came to Jubilee in 2013, an immigrant from Gambia whose disability—a leg deformation—had created insurmountable barriers to success in her homeland, despite
her extensive education. Isa dreamed of becoming a lawyer to advocate for disability and women’s rights. She came to the U.S. to pursue her dream. In Seattle she had surgery on her deformed leg and was fit with a prosthetic—enabling her to move forward with her life.

Isa lived at Jubilee for two years after the surgery, giving her an affordable and supportive place to recover, find a job, apply to law schools, and seek scholarships. Isa graduated from the UW School of Law in December 2016 and is already serving the community through women’s advocacy programs while preparing for the bar exam. She was also recently featured in NW Lawyer magazine.

Susan McGregor – Entrepreneur

Susan came to Jubilee in 2011 after the loss of a job and failing health left her without a financial safety net. Days from being back on the streets as she was early in life, Susan moved in and juggled college classes with cancer treatment. She moved out on her own in 2016 but continued as an alum with Jubilee’s Chrysalis Project, a social purpose program designed to help women develop basic business skills and subsidize their income.

As part of the program, participants create and sell a product at local markets. Susan had a vision for a “cuff wallet,” a pocket in a knit wristband that offered a solution to the problem of where to safely keep a credit card, cash, bus pass, or key when not carrying a handbag.

Shy by nature with no previous crafting experience, Susan was determined to turn her vision to reality. She took sewing classes, worked through product refinements, and practiced sales skills. In December, Susan sold 165 cuff wallets—and made enough money for a plane ticket to see her grandson. Another dream come true.

Download a PDF of the Winter 2017 Jubilee News in which this article appears.