Monthly Gifts Have Benefits

Did you know that you can make monthly donations to Jubilee rather than one lump sum? Spreading your giving over several months or years is a great way to show your ongoing commitment to helping women move past homelessness.

Benefits of a recurring gift

Monthly giving is efficient. Monthly giving sustains our mission by creating predictable funding to support the women of Jubilee every step of the way on their path out of poverty. That means your donation dollars get to work faster and our fundraising efforts are more cost-effective.

“Monthly giving means I can decide what charities I want to support up front and then not have to consider all the other asks that come along. I also know that with monthly donations, Jubilee has funds coming in that they can count on day in and day out, not just during the prime giving seasons.”
–long-time donor

It’s easy and convenient. Setting up your recurring gift online at gives you the ultimate convenience. Once you sign up, the transaction occurs automatically each month. If you prefer to send a check each month, that works too. Just call 206.442.2951 or email to get set up.

Impact updates keep you informed. As a Monthly Impact Circle member you will also receive regular impact updates so you know how your recurring contribution is making a difference now for Jubilee residents and low-income women in the community.

Not sure if you can?

How to plan for monthly giving. How much you give each month is up to you. It may sound daunting if you haven’t participated in a monthly giving plan before, but it may be easier than you think to budget for a monthly donation. By forgoing one latte a week, passing on a couple of fancy cocktails, or eating one less dinner out, you have already freed up what it takes to make a difference for a Jubilee woman. Try it out; you can adjust your donation schedule at any time.

The challenge

Give 35 to Rebuild Lives. Since 2018 is Jubilee’s 35th year of helping women rebuild their lives, we invite you to consider a minimum commitment of $35 a month. What does each $35 gift do? It subsidizes one room in safe and supportive housing for 2+ days, underwrites 3 employment preparation classes, or purchases a grocery gift card so she can eat nutritiously for a week.

Sign up today. Whether you commit to $35, $50, $75, $100, $150 or more each month, your gift today makes a difference in the life of a Jubilee woman tomorrow. Join the Monthly Impact Circle at using the donate button on the upper right corner, through email at, or by calling 206.442.2951.

Be one of the first 35 Monthly Impact Circle members who pledge $35 or more a month and you will be recognized on our website and in social media.