Our Programs

Who We Serve

At Jubilee, everything we do is customized for a specific population—women living in poverty, who are in transition, trying to move forward in their lives. We provide short-term services to approximately 2,500 women each year as well as longer-term housing and holistic support services for about 76 residents each year, to help them gain stability and make permanent life changes.

In our housing program, Jubilee serves a diverse population of women representing many different ethnicities, faiths, nationalities, backgrounds, and cultures:

  • 26% African American
  • 4% American Indian or Alaskan Native
  • 7% Asian
  • 58% Caucasian
  • 5% Latino or Hispanic


The average age  for a woman at Jubilee is 46 years old. She has dealt with poverty, homelessness, domestic abuse, a devastating illness or accident, a lack of living wage employment, substance abuse, or a combination of these. Prior to Jubilee, women stayed in numerous unstable situations:

  • 70% stayed in an emergency or domestic violence shelter
  • 21% with a friend or family
  • 6% in housing
  • 2% in a motel
  • 1% in their car


Residents arrive at Jubilee earning below 30% of the area median income, or $19,000. The average annual income for Jubilee residents is about $5,000 a year.

Jubilee residents:

  • Are adult women, with no children in their care (pregnant homeless women are welcome at Sojourner Place)
  • Pay 30% of their income in rent, with a $50 minimum and $471 maximum, allowing them to build a positive rental history
  • Use no drugs or alcohol on or off premises while living at Jubilee
  • Are able to live in a community setting and share in community responsibilities
  • Work, attend school, or volunteer outside of Jubilee
  • Are committed to taking classes at Jubilee and meeting with their care manager to set and work toward goals for independent living
  • Have a commitment to full-time employment and independent housing


Women in our housing program come to Jubilee for a safe environment, supportive services, and time to transition from homelessness, domestic violence or instability to independent living. Jubilee’s program gives women the time to make long-term, systemic changes in their lives. The average length of stay is 22 months. Last year, while living at Jubilee, 75% gained employment, 16% completed a job training or school program, and 90% transitioned to independent housing.

  • 45% are domestic violence survivors
  • 50% have a mental health issue
  • 29% have a physical disability or illness

Equal opportunity is available for all low-income adult women without respect to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, citizenship, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation or any other bias protected by federal, state or local law.