Rebuilding a Life at Jubilee

When Laurie first came to Jubilee Women’s Center in 2013, she was at a crossroads in her life. A long struggle with alcoholism had derailed her dreams, but a successful alcohol treatment program was giving her a second chance. Laurie knew Jubilee presented an opportunity to create a healthy and stable future. What she didn’t know was how she would stay the course on this new path.

This is where Jubilee’s holistic, supportive program makes a big difference. On-site care managers work with each woman to make a customized plan for independence, connect her to the resources she needs to be successful, and guide her along the way.

“My care manager, Dannette, has been a lifesaver,” Laurie explains, listing off all the ways she received support, from developing interpersonal skills, to completing a job training program, to securing permanent housing.

One of the biggest challenges for Laurie was learning to live in community with 26 other women at Jubilee’s largest residence in Capitol Hill. Though each woman has a private room at Jubilee, the rest of the house—kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms—are shared by all. This was a new experience for Laurie, who initially shied away from connecting. However, she soon discovered it had its advantages.

“Living in community has been very positive. It taught me how to be around other people, how to be patient and respectful, how to be more positive, and how to trust again,” she explains. “I can’t express enough the appreciation I have for the community here.”

While in Jubilee’s program, Laurie took advantage of every opportunity for personal and professional growth. She attended on-site classes to learn life skills like Living in Community, Money Management, and Pathways to Housing, along with tech training that moved her from computer-illiterate to computer-savvy.

To create a stable future for herself, Laurie completed training at the Seattle Vocational School to become a certified medical assistant. “It’s one of the things I’m most proud of,” says Laurie, who graduated with a 3.45 GPA.

While she interviews for positions in her field, Laurie works at Safeway to build up her savings. Her dream is to launch her career at UW Medical Center where she did her internship.

On top of all this, Laurie recently moved in to her own apartment. “I’m excited to be on my own, but a little nervous,” she admits. However, her confidence and candor let on that she is a much different woman than the one who entered Jubilee four years ago.

Laurie agrees, “Jubilee has made me a better person.”

woman in green sweater, wearing glasses, holding framed diploma