Volunteer Highlight: Learning & Opportunity Center

Volunteers have made it possible to expand and develop Jubilee’s class offerings and heighten the level of classes that our Learning & Opportunity Center provides. Jubilee’s Education Team, Dani and Aura, are putting in the groundwork for expanding the employment skills classes we offer. They could not do it without volunteers.

Jubilee has volunteers facilitate classes as well as help build curriculum. Aura points out what a commitment these volunteers are providing. “It’s not easy coming from a full-time job to teach until 8 p.m., but our volunteers do, and they are amazing.” The willingness to share time and patience with a small group ripples and creates a larger impact, even in just one person’s life. This is the impact that volunteers sometimes don’t get to see.

Our volunteers share their knowledge, but they give so much more. We have several volunteers that have been working with us for years, providing instruction and guidance, from financial management to learning to make beaded jewelry and even Bible study. Their consistency helps make Jubilee feel stable and dependable. Many groups and companies share their professional skills with us. Sephora, HomeStreet Bank, Starbucks Women’s Impact Network, King County Bar Association, Pallet & Palette, Seattle Repertory Theater, Solid Ground, Goodwill Industries, and Les Dames d’Escoffier Seattle have all provided us with instruction and insight into their worlds this year. Having professional groups invest in the women who live at Jubilee is a powerful gesture.

Starbucks Women’s Impact Network is a great example of a professional group that keeps asking what they can do next. They have joined the women at Jubilee’s weekly house meetings to host three different professional panels on topics such as “Creating Your Personal Brand” to help give insight and advice on navigating a professional work setting after time away. They invited women makers to their holiday bazaar and recently taught a LinkedIn class that took the women step-by-step from a professional photo to describing their work history and goals. Many of these classes have helped expand what the women thought was possible.

Our volunteers also help build confidence and skills through less traditional classes. Our sewing class has become incredibly popular, and thanks to our boutique-volunteer-turned-education-volunteer, we are able to offer the class every Friday. Many of the women create their own clothing, which has opened up new possibilities for how they present themselves to the world. Dani shares, “It’s been amazing to see the women form close relationships with each other and the volunteers through the synergy that is formed through this learning environment. We see women fully engaged and hungry to learn.” Our education volunteers help the women at Jubilee channel the determination, creativity, and insight they already have.

Jubilee hopes to continue to expand its curriculum and educational opportunities with the help of amazing volunteers. For more information about volunteering contact