Much more than a roof.

What We Do

Jubilee’s residential program provides affordable community housing,
holistic support services, on-site case managers, learning opportunities, and a
focus on employment preparation to advance each woman on her path out of
poverty. Jubilee also provides low-income women in the community
with free referrals, computer access, and clothing.

Our holistic model

At Jubilee we support each woman to heal from past trauma,
explore possibilities for the future, and connect her with the
resources and opportunities to achieve her goals through a three-part strategy.


Step 1

We address significant barriers for the women we serve related to basic needs, physical health, trauma and mental health, legal issues, and relationship & community connections.
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Step 2

We support women to build resiliency through financial health by gaining living wage employment, job training, financial management education, and finding affordable, independent housing.
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Step 3

We help women maintain long-term stability by repairing past relationships with friends and family, building their support network, and cultivating their spiritual health.
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Our mission

Jubilee Women’s Center supports women experiencing poverty to build stable
and fulfilling futures, one extraordinary woman at a time.

Led by the guiding principle that women of all races and cultures are to be
treated with respect and dignity, Jubilee provides programs and services that
empower women to make positive life changes.

We believe

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a self-determined woman can rise above her circumstances, and we help her build
the skills and vision to do so.

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in a holistic approach to supporting women and addressing the complex reasons
they experience poverty and homelessness.

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women need time to heal from trauma and crisis to make positive life changes.

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in the power of community to overcome isolation, create a support network, and
build connections.

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success is measured differently for each woman; all steps, big and small, move
a woman toward a more fulfilling future.

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women whose journey brings them to Jubilee will emerge empowered and
self-sufficient, with a safety net of support.

Est. 1983

Jubilee Women’s Center opened in the fall of 1983 and is believed to be Seattle’s first transitional home for women. Jubilee offered residents a supportive housing community in which to heal from crisis and domestic abuse and get back on their feet.

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Our Teams

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Our values

We hold ourselves to five values that guide our work and govern our actions:




We believe in an inclusive environment where all people and ideas have value and are worthy of respect.




We believe that personal development stems from trying new things and value both success and failure as a key part of learning and growth.




We believe consistency, intentionality and personal responsibility contribute to our personal and collective success.




We believe there is more than one way to achieve a goal and that collaboration with people of diverse strengths, experiences and perspectives contributes to our success.




We believe that open and honest communication builds trust and that mutual and constructive feedback is a critical part of developing one’s self, community and team.


We are grateful for our corporate and
organizational partners that sponsor,
give in-kind, collaborate, and open
doors for the women of Jubilee.


Employment at Jubilee is a great opportunity
to work toward something that truly matters.

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