When I Was Furloughed, I Didn’t Panic

When I Was Furloughed, I Didn’t Panic

Resident Story

I was furloughed for about seven weeks due to the COVID-19 quarantine, and then I went back to work only part time. As more employees came back to work, I had an opportunity to provide small group training and make improvements to our store.

I’m grateful for the support of Jubilee. When I was furloughed, I didn’t panic. I had taken the Money Management class and had some money saved, so I worked with my Case Manager to make a plan for the uncertain future.

It gave me some peace of mind to have a plan.

I’m proud of myself that I didn’t lose my cool under stress. I used to complain and catastrophize everything, but I’ve learned how to just roll with it and figure out how to move forward.