Inspiring Boldness - Part I

Abby is the middle daughter of five. She and her sisters learned how to care for themselves and others, and to create a community of giving and sharing – making space for all. These moments and interactions helped shape Abby’s core belief that everyone deserves a space to be heard, and if given a space to speak and stand up, one will flourish and blossom – creating their own joy and foundation. This has continued to manifest in Abby’s career, being drawn to positions that allow her to sit by someone in various stages of growing or crisis and stand witness to their strength and resilience as they gather the pieces of themselves and take steps in asserting their value and determination.

One of the first times Abby realized she personally could attend a University was during an interaction with Gwen Thompson Davis, her Chemistry teacher and Science Club advisor in high school. During one of their many interactions Gwen asked, “where she was planning on attending college” Prior to that moment, college was a thing other people did and was not in her future. But Gwen’s assumption that she was attending made her question, “Why not me?” The benefit of that one pivotal conversation with her high school chemistry teacher, is that it sparked an urge in Abby that led her down a path years later, where not only has she graduated from college, but more importantly, she feels certain of her ability to pivot her journey and change her future if or when she needs to.

As a Case Manager at Jubilee, Abby had the privilege of holding a piece of program participants’ stressors as they worked to feel secure and self-sufficient. The journey was their own, and with every interaction her understanding of navigating the world grew, her belief in human compassion and strength deepened, and she further visualized the pitfalls of trekking alone through life or with poor boundaries. Abby, now more than ever, believes that the power of having a single moment of positive support can make the difference in one’s determination of their ability and success and thus impact their ultimate prosperity.