Inspiring Compassion - Part II

Mary Beth Gemperle, a strong supporter of Jubilee for many years, also credits her Mother with having great impact in her life. Her mother, Rosie Mae Miller, had a great depth of kindness and warmth that was always extended to those in need. Mary Beth lives out a life-long lesson learned from her mother —  when you see someone in need, always be kind, and do whatever you can to help. Mary Beth served on Jubilee’s Board of Directors for six years and was Board Secretary for three of those years. She and her husband Dick have never missed a Jubilee fundraising event and Dick played a key role in Jubilee’s remodel as the Chair of the Building Committee. Mary Beth also drew inspiration from her sister Alice. Alice was resilient, always getting back up when life knocked her down and through all life’s ups and downs was upbeat and always had a warm smile for everyone.

Alice grew up in Mississippi, married young, and had five children in quick succession. The young family struggled with poverty, physical and mental health issues, substance abuse, and domestic violence. When Alice’s husband died unexpectedly, Alice found herself unable to cope. For years she struggled to keep going, relying on support from family and various social services, but was never able to regain stability. Finally, in her late 40s, Alice resolved to turn her life around. She moved to Seattle and entered Jubilee Women’s Center where she found new hope for herself. At Jubilee, Alice had time to heal, received good case management, support, and friendship from the other program participants. She gained the self-confidence to go to business school and update her skills, which allowed her to get a job and move into her own apartment. Eventually, Alice re-married, settled near her sister in Seattle, and enjoyed a fulfilling, and happy life.