Inspiring Connectedness - Conclusion

Françoise and Monica both have experiences with groups of women in their communities who helped shape the women they are today. Being a part of these groups made room for a reality where they could exist as themselves, recognize their own value and pay it forward by supporting Jubilee participants. When similar groups reach out and pay it forward to organizations such as Jubilee, the impact is transformational. There are so many groups that we honor for their support of Jubilee. One group in particular is the Rainer Ravens.

The Rainer Ravens is a group of women who embrace the motorcyclist culture in Seattle. The Ravens are founded around inclusivity, building community and supporting each other, so for them, volunteering at Jubilee is part of what their group is about. Among this diverse group, are women who have overcome difficult life challenges, or have had similar experiences to some of Jubilee’s participants. The Ravens support Jubilee through clothing, hygiene and gift card drives, as well as delicious community meals through the year. Last Spring, when Jubilee suspended the community meal volunteer opportunities due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Ravens came together to restore our community garden. The group cleared weeds, prepared garden plots and planted vegetables all the while masked up and working six feet apart.  Each encounter with this group of women leaves you smiling. Their energy is boundless and contagious. More importantly, interactions between the Ravens and Jubilee participants encourage potential for change. Often, the discovery of shared experiences helps weave a tighter thread of understanding, breaks through stereotypes, and inspires courage. If you believe magic to be an extraordinary power of influence, then believe that the Rainer Ravens create beautiful magic. We stand in awe of all the different volunteers who continue to support Jubilee through the years. Thank you for sharing your time with us and for all the ways you share your experiences with others.