Jubilee In the Time of COVID-19

By Kari Whitacre, Jubilee Executive Director

Wow, what a year, huh? My first day at Jubilee was the day our state shut down for the quarantine. While addressing the challenges of operating as an essential service during a pandemic, I’ve seen staff and residents demonstrate resiliency amid office rearrangements, schedule & policy changes, and uncertainty.

Jubilee was built for such a time as this. Our unique individual holistic approach meets each resident where she’s at and gives her the tools she needs to remain resilient. Yes, we provide affordable housing and opportunities for employment and education, but building a path out of homelessness involves more than income and housing alone.

Our residents add new skills to their toolkit such as budgeting, goal setting, acting vs reacting, network and community building, and setting boundaries. These are essential skills for navigating the realities of life after Jubilee, and our current circumstances further highlight the importance of the work each resident is doing here.

I’m so grateful for how the Jubilee community has continued to stay on mission with us through giving, meal support, and in-kind donations. Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing stories on the blog of how residents, alumnae, and staff are navigating the pandemic. I hope you’re encouraged as you read them.

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