A Note from Kari Whitacre, Executive Director

It’s been a tough year. As the pandemic drags on, the days are beginning to feel monotonous as we clock through the motions of our routines. It’s challenging to stay encouraged and to be encouraging to others when so much of what’s impacting us as people and as a program is out of our control. This mood hangs over the staff and residents alike, as I’m sure you and others around you may also be struggling in your own ways.

It’s from this place of surrender that an idea was sparked, and we began brainstorming ways for this season to feel less isolating. We came together and talked about the foods that bring us comfort. What is more comforting than comfort food, right? It was energizing to get out of our heads and plan a day together where we assembled beautiful and comforting gifts to give back to our community. We’re grateful for the faithful support we’ve received throughout these tough days, and we’re delighted to share these gifts with you, made with love and laughter here at Jubilee.

Receive one of these gifts when you donate $150 or more, while supplies last.

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