Proclaiming Spirituality: Cassie

Cassie isn’t shy about proclaiming her spirituality. When asked if she would be willing to share her story, she said, “Yes, but it is a story to glorify God, not me.”

When she came to Jubilee, Cassie was recently out of prison, in recovery from drug addiction, managing a mental illness, and ready to open her heart to permanent change. “God came and found me in prison,” she said. “He created a relationship with me that was very positive and loving… He healed my brain and body, took away my unbelief, and exposed evil. He has given me life purpose and love to give to others.”

Sitting in the dining room at Sojourner Place with a warm smile on her face, Cassie talked about how Jubilee’s stable housing and support also contributed to her healing, giving her the opportunity to pursue spiritual growth. Then she shared exciting news: she is applying to seminary, with a dream of introducing others to Jesus through missionary work.

“At first when she told me she wanted to be a pastor, I was surprised given her history,” said Jessica Taylor, S.P. “But she’s been touched with vocation. Cassie realized she was on the wrong path, and God gave her healing and repentance. Though she has some obstacles to overcome, she is focused on following God’s call and being in ministry to serve Him. Cassie will make it because she’s focused, organized, and has a strong faith life.”

Cassie agrees. “I’m not going to get pulled into that old life,” she said. “The Holy Spirit continues to come to me and correct me so I can work out my flaws and mistakes. I am humbled.”

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