Program Overview


Jubilee Women’s Center’s two-year transitional program gives women the stability and time they need to heal, grow, and rebuild their lives. With residences in Capitol Hill and the University District, Jubilee offers women affordable and safe community housing, learning opportunities, employment preparation, and guidance from care managers as they work to attain a living wage career and independent housing.

Jubilee’s residences promote community living through shared common spaces including living room, kitchen, dining room, bathrooms, computer lab, laundry room, and yard. Each resident has her own private bedroom.

The main home—a refurbished convent—houses 27 residents in addition to staff offices. Jubilee’s adjacent “612 House” is a 1907 prairie-style home with room for five women. Sojourner Place accommodates 11 women—including pregnant women—in a spacious and historic University District residence.

Residents are expected to be full participants in our program, including shared household responsibilities, a weekly house meeting, and participation in specific classes. To build a positive rental history, residents pay 30% of their monthly income in rent, with a $75 minimum.

Each woman in Jubilee’s program works with an on-site care manager, an experienced professional who provides support, coaching, and advocacy. Care managers help residents map their path out of poverty to a successful future and help women achieve their goals by connecting them with resources and learning opportunities for personal and professional development.

Eligibility Requirements

Please take a moment to review these program requirements to help you decide if Jubilee is an appropriate program fit for you. To qualify you must:

  • Be a female identifying person without children in your care
  • Have an income below $23,250 annually or below $1,937 monthly
  • Demonstrate an ability to live cooperatively in a community setting
  • Be able to pay rent upon entry (30% of income with a minimum of $75 and maximum of $581 plus $75 deposit)
  • Work, go to school, or volunteer outside of Jubilee for a minimum of 20 hours per week
  • Practice sobriety while in the program (Jubilee prohibits use of alcohol/drugs on or off site while in the program)
  • Participate in shared community responsibilities, including household chores
  • Show respect equally to all regardless of race, ethnic background, religion, age, disability, gender identity, or sexual orientation

If you fit the eligibility requirements, please see below for how to apply. If not, we would be happy to refer you to a resource that would be a better fit for your particular needs. Call us at 206.324.1244 or email us with questions, to request an application, or for a referral. Or stop by the main office during regular business hours.


Download the application to your phone or computer (do not fill it out in the web browser preview mode). If completing the form on a mobile device, you will need to also download a program like Adobe Fill & Sign. 

Click the green SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form to send by email. Or you can print and return it to Jubilee via fax, mail, or email. 

If you have any questions, please give us a call and we will help you through this process. 



Wait List

Expected wait time varies. While waiting, we encourage you to contact Community Information by dialing 211, 800.621.4632, or visiting to ask about Coordinated Entry for All. We will send you notification when you are added to the waiting list. We will also notify you if you are not placed on the waiting list. Please contact us if your phone, email, or address change.