Sally Created a New Path to Her Future

Sally Created a New Path to Her Future

Sally had been staying on friends’ couches when she learned about Jubilee. Now in her 70s, homeless and alone was never how she imagined things turning out. After growing up in a stable and loving home, graduating from college, getting married, and spending years running a successful business, Sally’s future seemed secure.

But later in life, through circumstances out of her control, everything fell apart. She was relieved to find a safe place to land at Jubilee, and as she settled into her new home, the stress and worry felt like it was melting away.

“Living in community housing was new for me, and it gave me a lot of confidence.”

With time and space to heal from the stress of her loss, she explored her creative side and found healing in making art and jewelry. Sharing her creations with others broke through her tendency to isolate.

“It was difficult at age 75 to know how to start over and support myself without working in the same way I always had. Jubilee allowed me to look at the world and myself in a whole different way, and I’m learning new ways to support myself.”

Sally experienced a disruption that led her away from a future she had planned on, but she didn’t let it define her. When given the time and space to regroup and create a new path to her future, she found community, a stable home, and renewed purpose.

“I’m eternally grateful for this journey. Jubilee was truly a gift.”

Sally recently moved into her new home – a retirement community where she’ll continue to explore art and enjoy living in community.


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