Stephanie’s Story

I came to live at Jubilee’s Sojourner House when I was released from prison on a Drug Offender’s Sentencing Alternative (DOSA). I was motivated to change. I needed stability so I didn’t have to stay in survival mode.

That’s where Jubilee has made the biggest difference for me. I have a sanctuary, a family, sisters, and a community. I love coming home. I have this refuge where I feel at home, where I’m not just surviving, but I’m thriving and embracing every day. I wish there were more programs like this for everyone everywhere. It’s more than just about getting clean and sober – it’s the community and the feeling of security.

I look forward to becoming more independent. I have a job, now, as a manager in a restaurant. I’m learning how to manage my money better, set goals, and make better financial decisions. I’m also looking forward to joining the Matched Savings Program. With a savings account I’ll have options, and I won’t have to live hand to mouth anymore.

I’m grateful for the opportunities that were available to me. I look forward to being able to live with my kids and cook dinner for them every night and decorate my house for the holidays. I want to be as happy as I am today.

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