Inspiring Boldness – Conclusion

Inspiring Boldness – Conclusion Perhaps the teaching gene runs in Gwen’s family, and perhaps the choice to move from chemical sales and quality control was inspired by her mother, Diane Davis. Diane passed away in 2014 at the age of 77. She was a wonderful and loving mother with an impressive professional trajectory. Diane went to Ball State, a teaching … Read More

Inspiring Boldness – Part II

Inspiring Boldness – Part II Walking with participants as they navigate the complexities that brought them to Jubilee often inspires optimism. Mary Jane came to Jubilee after her well-planned retirement was derailed by a family medical emergency that drained all her financial resources, and had her as the designated caregiver, resulting in her losing her job and housing. Coming into … Read More

Inspiring Boldness – Part I

Inspiring Boldness – Part I Abby is the middle daughter of five. She and her sisters learned how to care for themselves and others, and to create a community of giving and sharing – making space for all. These moments and interactions helped shape Abby’s core belief that everyone deserves a space to be heard, and if given a space … Read More