Inspiring Connectedness – Conclusion

Inspiring Connectedness – Conclusion Françoise and Monica both have experiences with groups of women in their communities who helped shape the women they are today. Being a part of these groups made room for a reality where they could exist as themselves, recognize their own value and pay it forward by supporting Jubilee participants. When similar groups reach out and … Read More

Inspiring Connectedness – Part II

Inspiring Connectedness – Part II Close to fifty years after Françoise moved to Seattle, Monica Armstrong made a similar decision and made the move from northern Michigan. Monica whose career is also in Finance, works at HomeStreet Bank and was the main instructor for Jubilee’s Money Management course. Her goal in building the curriculum was to break down barriers around … Read More

Inspiring Connectedness – Part I

Inspiring Connectedness – Part I It is always invigorating to come away from a conversation where you discover something new, an unexpected sense of humor, a shared experience, or a wealth of knowledge. Françoise Maxie has been an integral part of Jubilee for over four years. As Jubilee’s Finance Director, Françoise can be exacting, which does not always allow for … Read More