Inspiring The Extraordinary

Inspiring The Extraordinary Powerful groups of women, from the women’s rights advocates in the sixties and seventies, to the Women’s March in 2017, have motivated change, created awareness, and had great impact on millions of women. These groups or movements have paved the way forward for countless women to make an impact in their communities. Following this impetus, a group … Read More

Inspiring Uniqueness – Full Story

Inspiring Uniqueness – Full Story So far, our story tellers have allowed us a glimpse into their journey. We have learned how an inquisitive chemistry teacher inspired her student to make a pivotal life changing decision, how a group of women with shared interests come together to give back to others, and how a sister’s experience motivates a mother whose … Read More

Inspiring Connectedness – Full Story

Inspiring Connectedness – Full Story It is always invigorating to come away from a conversation where you discover something new, an unexpected sense of humor, a shared experience, or a wealth of knowledge. Françoise Maxie has been an integral part of Jubilee for over four years. As Jubilee’s Finance Director, Françoise can be exacting, which does not always allow for … Read More

Inspiring Compassion – Full Story

Inspiring Compassion – Full Story Each year on the second Sunday in May we celebrate Mother’s Day. We honor motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society. This day can bring up varied emotions —  joy, gratitude, love, loneliness and sadness. We recognize the myriad forms of motherhood and we celebrate these wonderful pillars of strength who nurture … Read More

Inspiring Boldness – Full Story

Inspiring Boldness – Full Story Abby is the middle daughter of five. She and her sisters learned how to care for themselves and others, and to create a community of giving and sharing – making space for all. These moments and interactions helped shape Abby’s core belief that everyone deserves a space to be heard, and if given a space … Read More