Inspiring Uniqueness – Conclusion

Inspiring Uniqueness – Conclusion The ability to be true to herself gives Molly the ability to recognize authenticity in others. Her patience and capacity to “think outside the box” are important tools to have in her work. One of the most rewarding aspects of working at Jubilee is seeing the accomplishments that the program participants achieve. When Jade, one of … Read More

Inspiring Uniqueness – Part II

Inspiring Uniqueness – Part II Kari’s grandmother instilled in her an admiration for women who are independent thinkers, compassionate, and advocate for the rights of others. Kari, who is Jubilee’s Executive Director, has worked with over 200 employees over the course of her career. Throughout that time only a few people have left a lasting impression, Molly Harney, Jubilee’s Program … Read More

Inspiring Uniqueness – Part I

Inspiring Uniqueness – Part I So far, our story tellers have allowed us a glimpse into their journey. We have learned how an inquisitive chemistry teacher inspired her student to make a pivotal life changing decision, how a group of women with shared interests come together to give back to others, and how a sister’s experience motivates a mother whose … Read More