You Created Space for Potential. Thank you!

On Tuesday, October 1st, friends and supporters gathered for breakfast to hear inspiring stories of from our extraordinary Jubilee Women through video and live speeches. A link to the video is posted below, but read on to hear more about the program!

We were honored to be hosted by Lisa Terry and Amy Horn, long-time volunteers and supporters from The Rainier Ravens, a collective of women who are passionate about motorcycling.

“Our group,” said Lisa, “was founded on the idea that women need a safe, welcoming place to do something that can be kinda scary and that has, in the past, been predominately a guy thing…ride motorcycles.”

No wonder they feel a connection to the extraordinary women of Jubilee! The Rainier Ravens understand how the power of community helps each resident overcome hard things.

During the event, we heard live speeches from Melissa and Vonnie.

Melissa (pictured above), a current resident since April, shared her journey from a successful profession to a breaking point when years of denying her grief caught up with her. She talked about how safe & cared for she felt when arriving at Jubilee, and how the life skills classes have helped her heal and learn how to take care of herself under stress.

In her speech she called out the many volunteers who support the mission of Jubilee, saying, “Volunteers teach us how to show up for one another.”

Vonnie, a recent graduate from the program who is now living independently, shared how a career change and a health crisis knocked her feet out from under her, and she lost her housing.

While sleeping at emergency shelters at night, Vonnie had to leave the facility each day. She shares a story about how she was able to blend in to the downtown crowed so she “looked like any other working woman walking around town…No one paid any attention to me.”

Our next event is announced below, but first — please take the opportunity to watch this 2 ½ minute video we shared at the event:

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